Please do not hesitate to contact if you have questions or need a new image output format for your application.

Using Comet’s image endpoint to access images

If you want to use an image stored in Comet you can do so by addressing it like this:[image Guid]/[key].[image extension]

You should find the image GUID in the api you are using and the format keys that you can use are listed in the table at the end of this document.
If you need a new format contact us at

Crops and sizes

The images can be requested in different crops or sizes.

Image with a 4:3 ratio crop
Image URL for a 4:3 ratio crop:

Same image returned with different crops

Image with a 16:9 ratio crop
Image URL for a 16:9 crop:
Image with a 1:1 ratio crop
Image URL for a 1:1 crop:
Image with a 7:10 ratio crop
Image URL for a 7:10 crop:

Same image returned with same crop but in different sizes

Image with a 16:7 ratio crop
Image URL for a 16:7 crop:
Image with a 16:7 ratio crop
Image URL for a 16:7 crop with max width 400px:
Image with a 16:7 ratio crop
Image URL for a 16:7 crop with max width 200px:

Image extensions

Images can be returned in the following formats: jpg, png, webp, tiff, gif, bmp.

API response

If an image is not returned within 30 seconds the API will respond with 202 Accepted and you should try to request the image again.
If the image does not exist the API will respond with 404 Not found.
If you are not allowed to view the image the API will respond with 401 UnAuthorized.

Available formats

The formats without max width or max height will have dimensions depending on the original image and the aspect ratio.

Key AspectRatio Width Height Enlarge if needed Example
originalsize - True
crop4x3 4x3 False
crop16x9 16x9 False
crop7x10 7x10 False
ultraforge 7x2 False
crop4x1 4x1 True
crop2x3 2x3 3000 True
crop1x1 1x1 True
crop16x9_w1920_h1080 16x9 1920 True
crop4x3_logo 4x3 False
crop2x3_logo 2x3 False
f2329x1310 16x9 2329 1310 True
f233x131 16x9 233 131 True
f720x405 16x9 720 405 True
f543x253 16x9 543 253 True
f630x294 16x9 630 294 True
f370x173 16x9 370 173 True
f2048x842 16x9 2048 842 True
f760x355 16x9 760 355 True
f355x166 16x9 355 166 True
f720x336 16x9 720 336 True
f370x278 4x3 370 278 True
f99x141 7x10 99 141 True
f110x156 7x10 110 156 True
f30x43 7x10 30 43 True
f70x100 7x10 70 100 True
f2048x956 16x9 2048 956 True
f239x134 16x9 239 134 True
cmoreLogo1920x1080 16x9 1920 1080 True
cmoreLogo1024x1462 7x10 1024 1462 True
cmore1138 16x9 1138 640 True
cmore754 16x9 754 424 True
cmore562 16x9 562 316 True
cmore373 16x9 373 208 True
cmore370 16x9 370 208 True
covermax7x10logo 7x10 False
Logo1440 16x9 2560 1440 True
crop16x9extramargin_w1920_h1080 16x9_extramargin 1920 True
crop16x9extramargin 16x9_extramargin False
crop16x7_w1920_h840 16x7 1920 True
crop1x1_w1080_h1080 1x1 1080 True
crop2x3_w720_h1080 2x3 1080 True
crop2x3_logo_w720_h1080 2x3 1080 True
crop4x1_w1920_h480 4x1 1920 True
crop4x3_w1920_h1440 4x3 1920 True
crop4x3_logo_w1920_h1440 4x3 1920 True
crop7x10_w756_h1080 7x10 1080 True
crop4x3_w200_h150 4x3 200 True
crop16x7_w100_h44 16x7 100 True
crop16x9extramargin_w100_h56 16x9_extramargin 100 True
crop1x1_w100_h100 1x1 100 True
crop2x3_w100_h150 2x3 100 True
crop4x1_w100_h25 4x1 100 True
crop4x3_w100_h75 4x3 100 True
crop7x10_w100_h143 7x10 100 True
ultraforge_w100_h29 7x2 100 True
crop7x10_w210_h300 7x10 300 True
teamlogos2x1 2x1 1000 1000 False
character1x1 1x1 400 400 False